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Services of
iEA Digital

Video Production

Having our own in-house video resources, we can undertake a wide range of videography.

Digital Publication

All the support and management services that you need to get your written word into an appropriate digital format for the medium you are publishing to.

Digital Marketing

Our resources allow you to maximize your digital presence on the web and on Facebook, YouTube and other social media platforms, thereby increasing your marketing penetration and increasing turnover. Using our services provides you with a means to have video presentation made specifically to meet your needs.

We can also undertake the management of your marketing strategy on numerous social media platforms.

Music Resources

We have a range of royalty free musical pieces that our clients can use for their own digital applications or with digital products that we produce for you.


We have in-house and external resources to undertake a wide range of photographic work. This enables you to have the right images produced of your products and services to support your digital and non-digital marketing needs.